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At OnDaWeb, we merge proven technologies with market demand and deliver applications that people really use.

Whether developing applications, testing systems, or delivering solutions to the marketplace, our customers count on us for quality service and support time after time.

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Susan Archer

Susan Archer is a professional contractor with software testing, Internet, technology marketing and telecom testing expertise. Responsible and reliable, Ms. Archer applies over 16 years of contracting experience to the successful delivery and implementation of quality technology products and services.

As a testing and implementation specialist, Ms. Archer has conducted testing courses and implemented software testing projects at Compaq Telecom (Plano, TX), Kaiser Permanente (Pasadena, CA), Policy Management Systems Company (Charlotte, SC), Prudential Asset Management Company (Florham Park, NJ), Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt, Germany), VISA de Jardin (Montreal, Quebec), IBM Axone (Orleans, France), MCI Telecommunications (Reston, VA), Ernst & Young (Las Colinas, TX) and Hogan Systems (Dallas, TX).

Clients for whom Ms. Archer has performed Internet development and marketing services include Help Desk Institute (Colorado Springs, CO), Claim.MD (Pecos, NM), NetCreations (New York, NY), Malloy Group (Morris Hills, NJ), RealPartners (Dallas, TX), Kingsearch (Dallas, TX) and Worksoft, Inc. (Dallas, TX.).

"Susan Archer has done a stellar job in tackling her responsibilities and performing as a major contributor in our recent efforts in automated test. As a matter of fact, it was her coordination and leadership skills as well as her technical expertise that brought about success in achieving our automated proof of concept goal. It is my pleasure in commending her talents to you and conveying my thanks and appreciation."

Michael F. Smith
Independent Test Organization, Manager
International Wireless Applications
Compaq Telecommunications Line of Business

Mike McGary

Mike McGary is a professional contractor with experience in software design and development across many industries. This includes extensive experience in Internet technologies, web-based application programming, telecom data management, data warehousing, factory automation, embedded applications and more. Mike has over 18 years of software development experience and is skilled in all of the popular programming languages and environments.

Clients for whom Mike McGary has performed Internet development services include Encyclopedia Britannica (Chicago, IL), Streetball (Dallas, TX), Open Market (Boston, MA), M-Web (Cape Town, South Africa), Planet Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA), Intervoice (Dallas, TX), WAN Systems (Dallas, TX), i2 (Dallas, TX), and Radio Shack (Ft. Worth, TX).

"Mike McGary was both outstanding and impressive throughout our project. He has unrivaled technical skills combined with a thorough understanding of business initiatives including cost/benefit analysis as it relates to senior management. He was instrumental in keeping our project relevant and under budget. OnDaWeb was extremely helpful keeping management updated and provided assistance in meeting all goals."

Andy Marusak
Computing Services Manager

Professional information is also available on other OnDaWeb consultants that may be involved in your project.

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We give our clients the industry technology and experience they need to deliver products and services that people will really use. Here is a partial list of clients served by OnDaWeb:

  • BancTec
  • Bendata Management
  • Claim.MD
  • Compaq Telecom
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Ernst & Young
  • eWish
  • Help Desk Institute
  • i2
  • IBM Axone
  • Innovative Data Technologies
  • Intervoice
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Kingsearch
  • M-Web
  • MCI Telecommunications
  • Monarch Data
  • Mysterion Films
  • Open Market
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Policy Management Systems Company
  • Prudential Asset Management Company
  • Radio Shack
  • RealPartners
  • Sterling Commerce
  • Streetball
  • Tandem
  • ToObjects
  • VISA de Jardin
  • WAN Systems
  • Worksoft

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From its headquarters in Richardson, Texas, OnDaWeb offers services throughout the Internetroplex.

P.O. Box 831056
Richardson, TX 75083

1301 Chesterton Dr
Richarson, TX 75080

Voice 972-680-8507
Fax 972-680-8905

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