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We have a totally flexible service approach that we custom fit to meet our clients' needs. The following sample projects reflect the results we achieve for our clients.

Application Development -
Internet Application Design & Development -
E-Commerce - High Visibility Rollout -
Internet-Based Services - Test Lab Implementation -
CMM Implementation - Standards Compliance

Application Development

WAN Systems, Inc. (Richardson, TX)
Problem: A need existed for a flexible and reconfigurable telephony switch data management system that would track and manage switch usage.
Solution: OnDaWeb's Mike McGary was brought in to help design and implement the system in Java and XML. The entire project was designed using UML OO design methodology. All changes to the design were done at the UML object level and propagated to the Java code. A real-time status console was created in Macromedia's Flash, heavily utilizing ActionScript and XML parsing.
Results: The system created was used in several projects within WorldCom and other large telephony firms for managing telephony switch usage.
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Internet Application Design & Development

Streetball, Inc. (now Host Communications) (Lexington, KY)
Problem: Streetball hosts Hoop It Up basketball tournaments around the world. The system used to schedule the games in a tournament was cumbersome and the data collected was not re-usable. A third party firm was brought in to re-write the system to run on a Windows platform. After several cost and schedule overruns, the newly attempted software solution was abandoned.
Solution: Two consultants (including Mike McGary of OnDaWeb) were brought in to propose, design and implement a replacement solution. Cold Fusion and perl were selected. The new system not only schedules Hoop It Up events in the US, Canada, and Europe (each with specific needs), but is also used to schedule Soccer, Let It Fly (football skills event), and Breakout (Hockey) tournaments. All printed material used at the event are generated by the system in pdf format. All player and team information is stored in a central location and used for marketing purposes.
Results: Tournaments that used to take 28 hours to schedule are now taking 4 hours. The scheduling and data entry staff is able to handle many more events without increasing headcount.
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Encyclopedia Britannica (Chicago, IL)
Problem: A leading provider of learning and knowledge products needed to create an online store for selling a variety of products including the entire Encyclopedia Britannica product line. A development environment had already been selected (Open Market's LiveCommerce).
Solution: OnDaWeb's Mike McGary was brought in to implement the graphic design done by the creative firm, razorfish (New York). ASP was used for many data management and configuration features that were not directly supported by LiveCommerce.
Results: The resulting store was brought online in time for the big promotional push.
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High Visibility Rollout

Ernst & Young (Las Colinas, TX)
Problem: An internally-developed application required extensive testing before roll-out. The application was designed for staffing managers' use in identifying individual consultants based on skills, job grade and availability and assigning those individuals to projects. This application was one of a series of lifecycle support applications to be introduced and had high visibility.
Solution: OnDaWeb principal Susan Archer, as Software Test Engineer, assisted the permanent and contract test team in writing and executing test cases to achieve coverage and increase quality. She also worked with programming staff to isolate and resolve problems and with end-users to develop tests that better reflected actual workflow.
Results: The staffing manager application was successfully implemented in multiple offices and locations. Staffing managers used the application to increase the utilization of available resources.
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Internet-Based Services

IDT Innovative Data Technologies, Inc. (now Monarch Data) (Houston, TX)
Problem: IDT recognized a niche in the Apartment Locator and Apartment Management services industry. With only one competitor in the Houston market, they felt the time was right to introduce a competitive product and target multiple cities. IDT needed skilled development staff to take advantage of the opportunity in a timely manner.
Solution: Consultants were brought on board including OnDaWeb principal, Mike McGary. A web-based approach was chosen using Cold Fusion running on a Windows 2000 platform. The system allows Apartment Locators to manage their Prospects, doing searches using the prospect's criteria, printing reports of the properties selected, and enhancing the communication between the Locator and Property Manager. System also allows Apartment Managers and Property Owners to generate detailed market comparison reports to help them remain competitive in the constantly changing Apartment business environment. System outputs reports in html and pdf versions (generated dynamically).
Results: IDT has successfully launched in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. IDT's revenue growth is exceeding expectations.
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Test Lab Implementation

Compaq Telecom (Plano, TX)
Problem: A wireless prepaid application developed by an international third party was selected for inclusion in a total system solution. Quality challenges included:
  • Testers had to travel to another country where the development test labs reside.
  • The development test labs were unstable and subject to frequent code changes which made problem reporting and tracking difficult to manage.
  • There was no means for testing installation and configuration on a clean system in the manner that would be performed at the client site.
  • Automation gains were possible but a controllable, accessible test environment was required for a proof of concept.
Solution: As a Software Test and Automation Specialist, OnDaWeb principal Susan Archer played an instrumental role in setting up a remote test lab in Plano and conducting an automation proof of concept. This involved working with internal and external resources to install and configure all the necessary systems and set up a remote access firewall, and producing documented operator steps for support, verification and automation purposes.
Results: The remote test lab addressed the quality challenges at hand:
  • Travel is no longer required for testing so more testers have access to the system and more test coverage occurs within project timelines.
  • The test environment is separate from the development environment, allowing release control and problem management.
  • Client environments are simulated to troubleshoot on-site installation, configuration and application use issues proactively.
  • The automation proof of concept was carried out and results were reported to management for improved decision-making purposes.
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CMM Implementation

Tandem Telecommunications (Plano, TX)
Problem: A critical customer requested Capability Maturity Model (CMM) analysis and implementation to meet the customer's CMM requirements for vendors.
Solution: As Independent Test Engineer on a special project, OnDaWeb principal Susan Archer facilitated the implementation of company-wide CMM level 2 standards within the independent test organization. This support involved process meetings with test team staff, coordinating with managers from other organizations, documenting and flowcharting internal processes, creating and editing supporting project plans, and reporting to other team members as well as management.
Results: Independent Test processes were defined and documented for current and ongoing compliance with CMM standards. The customer request was satisfied and the relationship was expanded.
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Standards Compliance

Tandem Telecommunications (Plano, TX)
Problem: Telecom system supplier needed to ensure Y2K compliance in its nonstop service control point software. New features also were being rolled into the planned Y2K release and the new features needed to be tested concurrently with Y2K tests.
Solution: Working with a team of testers, OnDaWeb principal Susan Archer, as Software Test Engineer, participated in defining and conducting Y2K, new feature and regression tests and reporting results to management.
Results: Y2K testing was completed on schedule, the release was available on time, and nonstop telecom customers worldwide enjoyed an event-free Y2K rollover.
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